In Their Own Words: What Buying a Home Really Means

We believe wholeheartedly that home ownership is part of the American dream. Sure, the financial aspect of buying a home is important to pay attention to, but we believe that it’s the emotional aspect that trumps all.

In Their Own Words: What Buying a Home Really Means

In this LXTV Open House segment that aired across the nation this past Sunday, we get first hand accounts from real people on the value they see in achieving home ownership  From their personal recollections on first home purchases, we see that what they cherish most are the memories and families created and raised within those homes and the pride they felt in owning a home in communities they loved.

Besides telling us the story behind the first home he bought in Irvine, California as a relocated Jersey guy, our COO Mike Fischer talks about how there is more to selling a home than just making a sale or hitting numbers. In fact, we believe that real estate professionals have a higher calling, to find you the home that’s perfect for you

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